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My first book is here! 🙂 I’ve received lots of requests to write a cookbook and I finally had some time to make it happen. The first cookbook is always the toughest. I’ve had this project in the works for some time now. Between working full-time, sharing videos, blogging recipes and family life, squeezing out extra time to write a cookbook was tough. I truly appreciate all the generous encouragement and continual support for RunAwayRice. As a special thanks, I am offering my new cookbook Top 10 Desserts as a FREE download. Please share this book by sharing the link to this page. Enjoy!

RunAwayRice Top 10 Desserts

Free DownloadTop 10 Desserts is compilation of the best and most popular RunAwayRice desserts. These recipes are the most viewed, read, shared, commented on and liked. Featuring the top dessert recipes, this book provides condensed and easy-to-follow recipes. Every recipe comes with a detailed list of ingredients, concise step-by-step instructions plus helpful tips and tricks for guaranteed success. Whether a newbie or an experienced cook, you’ll learn something new in every recipe.

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(If you don’t have one already, you’ll need a pdf reader to view the cookbook.)


Did your favorite dessert make it to the cookbook? There were many popular recipes, but unfortunately, I could only feature 10 in this first cookbook. Here are the runner ups if you’d like to check out the recipes:

Vietnamese Custard (Banh Flan)Caramel Flan with Berries | recipe from

Jackfruit Smoothie (Sinh To Mit)Jackfruit Smoothie (Sinh To Mit) - Easy and Healthy Fruit Drink | recipe from runawayrice.comChocolate Flan CakeChocolate Flan Cake--Sweet, Rich and Decadent, it's a slice of heaven! | recipe from runawayrice.comHollow Donuts (Banh Tieu)
Puffy, Golden Perfection--these Hollow Donuts are such a treat!Sticky Rice Balls in Ginger Syrup (Che Troi Nuoc)
Sticky Rice Balls (Che Troi Nuoc) - Deliciously Gooey Dessert | recipe from

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