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Hello, I’m Trang and welcome to RunAwayRice! First things first, you are probably wondering what “RunAwayRice” means. “RunAway” describes my cooking style–it’s a departure or deviation from traditional Asian cooking. “Rice” of course refers to me! I am a Gen X Asian American with a passion for healthy eating and simple cooking.

Like most Asians growing up in the US, I ate traditional Vietnamese dishes prepared by my Mom daily. She would spend hours preparing our meals from scratch. It wasn’t until I set out on my own that I started to really miss and crave her home cooking. Over the years, I’ve called my Mom countless times asking her for all the recipes I’ve grown to love. She would explain each recipe with painstaking and loving care while I translated them from Vietnamese to English. For most Asian Americans, English is really our preferred language and although we know all the cuisine and food words in our native tongue, most recipes are either not translated or difficult to follow. Additionally, our Mom’s recipes were often not the healthiest with lots of foods deep-fried or loaded with MSG, sodium, sugar, and not allergy-friendly–using glutens and nuts. And so, I’ve tweaked the classic recipes and developed my own unique style of cooking–healthier, faster and yet still delicious and authentic!

I’ve revamped many of the time-honored favorites and offer innovative time-saving tips and short-cuts in my recipe re-dos. I am thrilled to have this place here to share with you my recipes for traditional Asian dishes modernized for today’s health-conscious eating, dietary needs and busy lifestyles.

Join me in my culinary journey and together we can celebrate our love for traditional Asian cuisine with a modern twist.

Here’s to good eating and good health!

San Diego, CA
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